about us

Pegasus is a German brand of bicycles and ebikes that has been shaping the European bicycle market and bike culture for more than 30 years..

At Pegasus, we listen to our customers: The old and young, every-day and Sunday riders, those who enjoy a relaxing comfort ride and those who want to get there first, the perfectionists and the wild ones. Together with you, our engineers and designers develop bicycles and ebikes that suit your most detailed preferences in performance and comfort.

Quality and safety are traditions at Pegasus. This is why we not only make bicycles safe to ride with solid frame builds and quality components, but we also work to elevate cycling as an alternative form of transportation in the United States and Germany, thus improving society by promoting better quality of life through our support of advocacy organizations, such as People for Bikes.

A Pegasus is more than a bike. It’s a way of life.