Bike Shops Boom in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic?

(photo: The Bike Connection, a BULLS Bikes and Pegasus dealer in Palo Alto, CA)


It’s true! Although, not all. In speaking with dealers across the country there seem to be no common threads of geography, urban or suburban, but there are a few things shops seem to be doing well to harness the power of cabin fever to get their customers on bikes.


Stefan, from Seattle Electric Bike, explains that their approach has been to publicly address on their website everything they’re doing to help keep customers and their staff safe. This helps riders know they can still get the service and support they need and that the bike shop is looking out for their well-being at the same time. They post new hours and adjusted procedures, including the option for virtual store visits. They’re acknowledging the gravity of the crisis we’re in, while thinking creatively about ways to serve customers. Stefan adds, “We’re flexible and it’s changing all the time.”


BULLS HQ is seeing an increased demand for our bikes ordered online and delivered through the bike shops- both pick-up and delivery. Customers can get one on one support from BULLS Staff and still have the attention needed from the local bike shop.


Max at Flyrides USA reassures customers, letting them know that all their staff wear masks and gloves and all their appointments are scheduled ahead of time. They do a deep clean once a week and make sure computers are only used by one person. They’re reporting that some customers have come in depressed because they’re out of their normal work and exercise routines but just hours after purchasing ebikes report more energy and improved moods. Max explains that when doing fittings and calibrating bikes for each rider, they used to have to be up close with customers, but since observing social distancing have begun instructing customers on how to do basic maintenance on their own, empowering riders to get up close and personal with their new ebikes.