Pegasus debuts United States lineup of eTrekking bikes

RENO, NV (Sept. 13, 2018) – PEGASUS, a leading eTrekking/eCity brand in Germany, announced today its launch into the United States market with three affordable new eBIKE models: PREMIO Nu, PREMIO E8, and PREMIO Sport. For over 25 years, PEGASUS has played an integral part in creating a nationwide culture for cycling in Germany. The brand will now bring its durable city and trekking eBikes to city commuters in the U.S. As PEGASUS establishes roots it will work with sister brand BULLS to build presence and distribution in the U.S.

“The U.S. eBike market is growing and we see that we can leverage our knowledge and expertise of eTrekking/ecity bikes in Europe for the U.S. market,” said Adam Anderson, Sales and Marketing Manager for PEGASUS and BULLS, North America. “We want to offer consumers better choices in eBikes and improve the market. It’s not that the market needs more choices, it’s that we need dependable brands that have a proven history and track record of creating a culture of cycling, commuting, health and a vibrant lifestyle. PEGASUS is that brand.”

The 2019 PEGASUS lineup are all powered by Bosch. The PREMIO Nu is powered by the state-of-the art Bosch Powertube, which offers a clean and timeless look. Gates belt drives have been installed in both the PREMIO Nu and PREMIO E8 models, which make for a smoother and cleaner riding experience. PREMIO E8 and PREMIO Sport both come with Bosch Performance Active Line Plus 250W drive train, while the PREMIO Nu is equipped with the Bosch Performance Line CX. The 500Wh removable batteries allow up to 134 miles of riding on a single charge in optimal conditions. Charging time to reach 100 percent battery power is approximately four and a half hours. Each model’s 7005 aluminium frame is available in Diamond, Step-thru and Wave frame styles.

  • PREMIO Nu – MSRP $4,699: A powerful yet elegant bike that has all the latest technology. Extremely quiet and low maintenance, the PREMIO Nu is equipped with a NuVinci internal hub system, matched with a Gates belt drive, which allows the riding experience to be even more smooth and clean.
  • PREMIO E8 – MSRP $3,899: The belt-driven eTrekking model offers impressive technology including the inner gear Shimano Nexus 8. It’s the perfect eBIKE for a spontaneous adventure or a simple daily commute.
  • PREMIO Sport – MSRP $3,799: An economic bike for everday use that employs a Shimano Nexus drive train. This bike showcases striking power and sophistication, without compromising rider comfort.

The launch of PEGASUS in the U.S. comes as an important move to support the idea that bicycles can become an engine of alternative mobility. The brand focuses on the commuter(s) and leisure trekking and eTrekking enthusiasts with offerings that are more economical while still being equipped with high-quality, premium components.

PEGASUS ebikes will be available through dealers nationwide Spring 2019.