PEGASUS US launches new website!


Welcome to the all new Pegasus Bikes USA website! You’ll find new and improved product pages and simple click-to-brick shopping of the latest models, including the recently announced 2020 Premio Cross and Premio Speed. All Pegasus eBikes in the U.S. are equipped with Bosch e-Bike systems. The entry level Premio Cross is a complete bike that starts the lineup off at $2799 with the Bosch Active Line Plus motor.


This site is a one-stop-shop for all your leisure eTrekking bike needs including e-bikes and accessories and offers a crossover purchase model that allows you to support your local bike shop while still having the convenience of purchasing online through Pegasus from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to pick up your fully assembled bike at a local BULLS Dealer and in some areas even to have it delivered to your doorstep. This model allows you to get the bike you want and support your local economy!


We are thrilled to continue establishing the Pegasus brand in the North American market through our new PEGASUS Bikes USA website and provide riders with bikes that make them happy while catering to a variety of lifestyles from the leisurely rider to the everyday commuter. Additionally, the new website model makes purchasing even easier and provides a distinct platform to obtain the latest press announcements from the brand.


Known as, “The bikes that make you happy,” PEGASUS officially made their U.S. debut at Interbike 2018. The highly recognized brand has been a part of the German culture for the past 30 years and brings the tradition of quality and safety to the commuting demographic. PEGASUS has many different support measures including helping prevent accidents, supporting the sensible expansion of the cycling infrastructure in Germany, and creating a quality assurance council. As PEGASUS grows within the US, it brings these support measures to continue and improve the brand as well as the rider’s experience. With this, PEGASUS will contribute to the improvement of society with and for those seeking a better quality of life. While the bikes have been showcased at a handful of U.S. trade shows the new website will allow riders easier access to info, reviews and purchasing.


The lineup exemplifies PEGASUS’ vision of getting individuals outside, staying healthy, active and happy with loved ones (or solo). In addition to information on the 2020 bikes, riders will be able to get the latest announcements from PEGASUS with just a click. Pegasus Bikes USA is distributed by BULLS Bikes USA